The mechanical ’MIKS’ heart valves are produced according to Russian State Standard 26997 and Technical Specifications  9444—001—18103798—2001.

The key feature of the ’MIKS’ valve is its durability and hemodynamic effectiveness. According to Institute of Mechanical Engineering Russian Academy of Sciences the ’MIKS’ valve can be in use more than 100 years. It was proved by results of accelerated tests.

Such valves have unique patented design, protected with more than 30 inventors’ certificates.

For instance the valve occluder rotates slowly around its center. It excludes local sites of wearing. The gap in the holder of the disk provides heart valves with noiselessness after its implantation.

The cuff of the valve is made of unique carbonized fabric VITLAN that reduces postoperative complications.

’Roskardioinvest’ has patented technology of surface carbon depositing into titanium housing ring of the valve that promotes its high tromboresistance.

According the long-term results of clinical trial there were no reports of mechanical failures of the MIKS valve.

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'MIKS' heart valve specifications

The valve design has been optimized to provide patients with all advantages in haemodynamics with minimal weight.
Height — not more than 13.3 — 22.8 mm
Mass — not more than 3.5 g
Opening angle — 72°

The valve design, producing technology and materials ensure its mechanical reliability and durability.

The valve housing ring is made of one-piece of special-purpose titanium BT1-O.The leaflets are made of high-strength carbon material UGLESITAL, which was developed and made in Russia.

The cuff material is medical knitted fabric, polyester fabric or carbonized fabric VITLAN. The choice of material depends on the need.

The durability of the 'MIKS' valves is guaranteed for at least 20 years after the implantation day.